The Mexican Food Diet

I recently started a new job working in the Food Industry. And no, that’s not a joke, but go ahead and laugh if you want. But let me ask you this: do you get to be an extra in a TV show and sample 9 different salsas on a random Tuesday at your job?

I was thrilled to land this job because it pays well (by my standards) and the benefits are great. Since starting in early September I’ve not only managed to build up my credit score and my 401k, but my body mass index has also seen significant growth. There are two things I know for sure: as long as I work here, I will never go hungry, my roommate will most likely never go hungry, and I will never have to buy my own chips and salsa. Right now, I feel beyond #blessed but I also feel #gross. In the two months I’ve worked here I have consumed a disgusting amount of Mexican food. My expanding waistline agrees. Nowhere in the job description did it say “Able to be productive in an environment with an unlimited supply of natural stone-ground tortilla chips, fresh fire-roasted salsas, and delicious homemade Mexican meals” and yet, I find myself grabbing handfuls of chips in between pumping out spreadsheets. It’s gotten so bad that I now have a recurring dream where I am being chased by a giant burrito named Raul…that was a joke, but it’s funny to imagine in your head, right?

I’m embarrassed to admit that before working here I did not really know what Carnitas were. I assumed it was something Chipotle invented/a cool name for a Latina girl band. Now I can speak knowledgeably about such ethnic meats as carnitas and barbacoa. I’ve begun to consider myself a Mexican cuisine/restaurant connoisseur and I’ve been dubbed the go-to source for all things culinary by my friends(me and like one friend). I know all the latest Chicago restaurant openings and closings (Kitchen just opened on Clark St., the first SHAKE SHACK Chicago opens tomorrow (can I get an AMEN), Chilis is still open, and I’m still single). And you better believe I’m up on all the culinary trends….I still don’t understand all the hype surrounding noodles…but I guess I’ll never fully understand any hype about anything unless it’s main ingredients are cheese and tomato sauce and goes by the name of Pizza.


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