Same Tina, Different Zip Code

September 1 marks a very important day in XTINAMISTAKES history. After over a year of living at home (gasp), my parents and I have decided to consciously uncouple. Yep, I’m finally moving out of the nest. I am the last of my friends to leave home…(where’s my trophy?) and I couldn’t be more ready to close this rather lowly period of my life and begin a new chapter, one I’d like to call “Independent Tina.” I imagine this being the opening chapter to Part II of my memoir. And isn’t Part II always the best? Part II is where I’ll mature and grow, make career advances, and hopefully upgrade my iPhone from a cracked iPhone 4 to a 6. Part II will also be chock-full of romance pizza anecdotes.

There are definitely things I will miss about living at home, namely, the free rent, fully stocked fridge, internet, on-demand movies, Mom’s home cooking, Dad’s grilling and the occasional family dinners at TGI Fridays. But its not like all of that will go away. I’m only a short train ride away. I’ll be home every Sunday with a week’s worth of laundry in tow for family dinner and 60 minutes, as is tradition. My brother, Erik, has been eyeing my room ever since I left for college…and now that I’m finally moving, his dream of an attached bathroom with a walk-in closet will become a reality. 

Although not having to worry about rent or bills is nice, I desperately crave the independence of my college days like I desperately crave McDonald’s Chicken Selects…I can’t wait to be the sole instigator of my life, to have autonomy and to use words like autonomy whenever I want even if it doesn’t make sense.

My new home is in Lincoln Park on one of my favorite streets, Armitage Avenue…It’s also above an Italian restaurant, so basically I’m living in a dream I once had about Heaven. The apartment is in amazing condition and has all the necessities: central air, dishwasher, a bathroom and windows, too! I’m such a lucky girl. Unfortunately, my room is the size of a standard prison cell, so that’s not ideal, especially considering how much crap I have. Womp.

Since finding the place I’ve taken a new interest in interior design. And I have one thing to say about what I’ve learned so far: Damn, furniture is expensive. I’ve been advised to buy everything from IKEA, and I heard they serve food there, so I think I’ll make a trip out there soon. I also plan on having the comfiest bed because sleep = happiness.