The way I feel about music is like the way Kanye feels about Kanye. I listen to music whenever and wherever I can, because it’s just that great. Few things compare to the feeling you get when you hear a really good song for the first time or when you’re listening to your favorite band live. Music brings people together, and that’s a pretty cool thing. With Lollapalooza just days away, the regret of not buying a ticket is starting to hit me. Not only will I be breaking my running streak of  5 years of attending Lolla, even more tragic, I will likely never have the opportunity to see Outkast in concert. It looks like I’ll be watching the live-stream of the concert from my bed with a water bottle filled with wine like the ones they sell there. Having been to the past five years of Lolla, I have been able to see some amazingly talented artists in concert. Let’s do a countdown, shall we?

Tina’s Top Ten Lolla Performances (2009-2013)

10. Snoop Dogg (now known as Snoop Lion) I went to this show because my friends and I wanted to get a decent view of Eminem who was performing after. The crowd was fun, laid back, and many happened to enjoy smoking weed. Snoop Dogg’s music is like a hip-hop time machine. Many of his songs bring me back to the days of basement parties and late night trips to Steak and Shake. While I was not getting stoned every weekend, from the outside it must have seemed like it with all the Steak and Shake I was eating.

9. Vampire Weekend Their most recent album kicks a$$ and Ezra Koenig is a babe, IMO.

8. Two Door Cinema Club The lead singer is an Irish ginger…need I say more?

I only knew their most popular songs, but this concert was an absolute blast. I was with my friends from college, and we befriended some strangers in the crowd because like I said earlier, music brings people together. They’re an alternative band with poppy/electronic undertones, and their sound is somewhat reminiscent of Passion Pit. It’s upbeat and happy, making it hard not to have a good time. “Something Good Can Work” is probably one of my favorite songs of all time.

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

7. Florence + The Machine This performance was electrifying. Lead singer, Florence Welch, had so much energy. Her voice is so powerful for such a petite gal, and her stage presence is unrivaled. Remember when she wore that green dress to the Grammy’s? If I ever get a cat I will name it Florence. Then maybe I’ll get a dog and name it The Machine. The best moment from this set was when she played “The Dog Days Are Over” and my friend Natalie and I were weaving through the masses of people to get closer to the stage. I love the buildup of that song.

Posing with some Aussies at Lolla '11

Posing with some Aussies at Lolla ’11. Disclaimer: That is a bathing suit top, not a bra.

6. Cage The Elephant Didn’t listen to them much before seeing them live. If it weren’t for my cool alternative friends dragging me to their show, I probably wouldn’t have given them a chance. Lots of pushing and shoving at this concert, but still overall one of the best performances of the weekend.

5. The Shins I started listening to The Shins after buying the Garden State soundtrack, which, by the way, is the best soundtrack ever. I love when James Mercer hits the high notes in songs like “Simple Song” and “So Says I.”

4. The Black Keys The night shows are awesome because the crowds are massive and the sets are more elaborate. The Black Keys brought their A-game to Lolla. Just an absolute blastoid of a time.

3. Ellie Goulding she is sensational. I try to reserve that word for things that are actually sensational, and Ellie fits the bill. Not only is she an amazing singer, but she also seems like the coolest girl on the block. She engages with the audience like we’re all her Besties. I like to pretend that we are sometimes…

2. Phoenix If you asked me to name my favorite band in college, Phoenix would be it. Can I name a single member of the band? Nope, but 1 in 5 Americans can’t locate America on a map, which is completely unrelated, but is still a shocking statistic. And  you know I’m a big advocate of geographic awareness. Seeing them live was a big moment for me, maybe even bigger than the time I got a boom box for my 10th birthday. “Wolfgang Amadeus”  helped me get through a lot of cr** freshman year.

1. The Killers I’ve been a loyal fan of theirs since their debut album, Hot Fuss. The day the Killers were performing was a long one for Festival Tina. I lost my sandals in a mosh pit at Passion Pit and I’m not sure how, but I also lost my shirt. So pretty much I looked (and probably smelled) like a dirty hippie wearing a fanny pack. Luckily nothing was going to get in the way of me enjoying my favorite band in the world perform live. I was so close to the stage, making the experience all the more memorable.


Set Goals, Not Fires


I made a list of goals the other day…The list includes both professional and personal goals. A few of my goals: learn a new skill (self defense? speed reading? calligraphy?), support a cause and volunteer, grow my scrunchy collection, and of course, a couple health-related goals. Mine are to drink more water and eat more pizza. A goal that I set that falls under both professional and personal is to write more and to post on this blog at least once a week. Considering my track record of posting, this is a highly ambitious undertaking. I think I’ve posted a total of 20 times since starting this blog a year ago. My plan is to replace the one hour I spend surfing the web/looking at pictures of cats, with writing. This way I can keep you guys updated on the progress or complete lack of progress toward my goals. Goals is such a weird word…it rhymes with moles…moles are gross. Sorry if you have moles.

In other unrelated news, I spent my Saturday night watching what could be the dummest movie I have ever seen. I spell dumbest incorrectly because that’s how truly jarringly dumb it was. The movie is called Bad Words and stars Jason Bateman and a little Indian boy dressed like Gepetto who’s voice makes me want to punch a baby seal. The plot is as compelling as a Paris Hilton song and the screenplay is worthy of 89 Razzies: one for every minute I spent watching it. I’d rather watch a varicose vein treatment commercial on repeat than sit through that movie again. So unless you’re a miserable person, save yourself from immense cinematically-induced pain and do not watch this movie.