Tina’s Book Corner


When I’m not flirting with boys or shoveling pizza down my throat, you can often find me with my nose in a book. There are few things that satisfy me more than finishing a book cover to cover. Reading is the best kind of nourishment for your mind and it’s an easy and cheap way to temporarily escape from reality and live vicariously through made up characters.

Have you ever met someone really smart who does not read? Probably not. I’ve got the stats to back it up. Good news for all you fiction fans: A recent study found that reading fiction actually increases people’s emotional intelligence: their accurate awareness of themselves and others, and their ability to create positive relationships with others based on managing their own reactions (huffingtonpost.com).

I think I may be the only 22-year-old to still use the local public library to check out books. Reading a book the traditional way (printed on paper binded between two covers) gives me a much needed break from technology. Books don’t pester you with the latest software upgrade or ask you to rate them every time you crack them open. Books don’t ask much from the reader, just to return them by their due date and not write obscenities in them

I enjoy all types of literature, from chick lits to historical fiction, but my favorites are memoirs. I like light memoirs that don’t require much thinking…pictures are a plus. Memoirs by comedians tend to fit this criteria. Comedians go through hardships just like everyone else, but a comedian can write about the worst time in his or her life and still somehow make it funny. Here are some of my favorite funny memoirs in no particular order:

Bossypants by Tina Fey

bossypantsThis cover gives me the creeps, but the book is fantastic. My favorite chapter is the one with a marked up script from SNL. It’s a sketch with her as Sarah Palin and Amy Pohler as Hilary Clinton. It was cool to see the changes she made to the script. Fey got her start at The Second City in Chicago. I took a class there this summer and we got to see old footage from when Fey and Rachel Dratch did shows there.

Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler

chelseaIn her most popular book, Chelsea lays it all out for her readers, revealing everything about her life in the most explicit and honest way. She covers everything from the day she realized she had big boobs, to life in New Jersey in a predominately Jewish neighborhood, to the time she dated a ginger. I admire and appreciate Chelsea’s “no bullshit” approach to writing. She writes with the same tenacity and gusto that she brings to her show.

American On Purpose by Craig Ferguson


I love Craig Ferguson. He’s a Scottish silver fox with a goofy and raunchy sense of humor. I actually sat in the audience for one of his shows when I visited LA and it was a blast. He was super nice, too. I used to watch his show all the time, but now I can’t stay up past 11…I’m not even sure if it’s still on the air to be honest. In his memoir, Ferguson talks about how his alcoholism almost killed him, and how he was finally able to get sober and turn his life around.

Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

offical-book-club-seectionThe queen of d*** jokes and the self-proclaimed “mother goose” of the gay male population brings her A-game with this memoir. My favorite chapter is the one where she talks about dating Steve Wozniak. She shares emails between she and Steve that are absolutely hysterical. I love her show My Life On The D-List. Her mom, Maggie, is precious. Everyone should watch the episode where she spends the day with Paris Hilton. It’s just as good as it sounds. I put the link below.


On my list of what to read next: Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar by Kelly Oxford and Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage. by Rob Delaney.