Clothes by the 90s, fashion mistakes by xtina

If I could describe my style in three words it would be: comfortable, casual, and neutral. It has taken me 22 years, but I think I’ve finally figured out what I like and how to dress for my body. I would have never reached this point had it not been for the countless fashion mistakes I have made, and learned from throughout the years, among them:

Numerous graphic tees and Lacoste polos, pooka shell necklaces, guitar pick necklaces, 1 camo tank-top, cargo shorts, and checkered vans. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that Pac Sun and Wet Seal were two of my favorite stores…

I was a strong advocate of the cargo short. Not only were they wearable, but their roomy pockets could hold all of my possessions: my Tamagotchi, some lunch money, a hologram pokemon card, and a pack of bazooka gum. I am much less enthusiastic about the cargo short now than I was back then, partially because it seems their target audience is grown men who live in their parent’s basement who frequently use acronyms like “lol” when they text.

This next picture was taken before Jimmy Westhoff’s Bar Mitzvah…Mazel Tov to Big Jim. Bar Mitzvahs were the place to be and be seen. These Jewish celebrations presented an opportunity to look “super cute” for your crush in hopes that he would ask you to slow dance during the snowball to KC and Jo Jo’s “All My Life.” The dress I chose to wear was classy and elegant…and it was supposed to be strapless. You know those strings on the inside of dresses that are used for hanging purposes? Well, I actually wore those as spaghetti straps. I mean….come on.

This final picture comes from last September. My housemates and I went to a thrift store in Hamilton, Ohio to look for dresses for this $5 prom party our sorority was having. I came out of the store with the most hideous dress I could find and arguably the ugliest dress I had ever seen. The picture really doesn’t do this thing justice, ask anyone who was there. Everyone else looked awesome in their 80s dresses, so naturally I partied like it was the year my dress was most likely made (1999).


Fashion Week: Day 1

In honor of New York Fashion Week I’ve decided to center an entire week’s worth of posts around my ever-evolving sense of style. I’ll include everything from “What was she thinking?” type posts, to some of my favorite fashion moments.

My passion for fashion dates back to pre-k when I refused to wear a coat in December because I felt it threw off my entire “look,” which was usually a t-shirt with the word “GAP” emblazoned on the front, tucked into a pair of purple leggings with socks and jellies. If this look could talk it would say “I’m not trying hard because I don’t care because I’m in pre-k and can’t even drink without the aid of a sippy cup.” And for those of you who have not experienced the splendor of Jellies, they were an absolute must-have for all young girls. As impractical and uncomfortable Jellies were, I loved them to death and wore them at every chance. I owned the sandal and slipper version (obviously). In the photo below, I’m wearing the slippers with socks for a fashionable yet functional fall look. I’m also modeling the latest in skirts that double as tablecloths for the woman on the go.

photo (6)

Here’s another picture of me sporting my jellies, looking happier than a kid on Christmas morning. You’ll also notice that I have not one, but two band-aids on my right leg. Back in the day, I treated band-aids like stickers but for my body.┬áTo this day, I get nostalgic when I see a kid who is obviously guilty of using band-aids for style rather than wound treatment because I was once that kid. And I can’t just leave this post without commenting on the greatest part about this picture: my hairstyle. I was trying to think of what this hair reminds me of and then I realized that it is exactly how my Grandma has been styling her hair for the past 20 years. But on another note, how good does my grandma look? I hope I age as gracefully as she has.

Picture 1

I am really excited for tomorrow’s post where I’ll show you guys all the fun things I used to accessorize my outfits. I’m covering all the basics, from bucket hats to butterfly clips. Happy Fashion Week, ladies! And Happy Second Week of September, gentlemen!